Published Papers in 2008

Vol 1

  1. Evaluation of antifungal property of medicinal plants PDF
  2. Aquatic weeds: A serious problem for wter bodies in Jharkand PDF
  3. Extended distribution of rare and less known Ranunculus cantoniensis D.C. in Uttar Pradesh PDF
  4. Distribution and biodiversity of Chlorococcalean flora in the phytoseston of a freshwater lake PDF
  5. Ethnomedicinally important plant- Morinda citrifolia L. PDF
  6. Tailoring of haulms serve as a natural remedy against late brigh of patato and natural resource for biofertilizer – An observation PDF
  7. Ancient indigenous abolishing Paddy varieties of Bengal-An observation PDF
  8. Mass multiplication of entomopathogenic nematodes in artificial medium PDF

Vol 2

  1. Additions to the family Asteraceae in flora of Allahabad PDF
  2. Evaluation of antibacterial activity of alcoholic crude extract of Anthoceros longii – A bryophyte on Xanthomonas citri PDF
  3. Allelopathic potential of Vicia spp. on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) PDF
  4. Distribution of Aspergilli in early stages of succession in coastal sand dunes of Orissa PDF
  5. Traditional therapeutical knowledge of the indigenous people of Panch Pargana (Jharkhand ) on sacred plant PDF
  6. Endogenous ascorbic acid from some medicinal plants – In vivo and in vitro PDF
  7. Seed Dynamics of Indigofera trita L. in a partially disturbed tropical dry deciduous forest PDF
  8. Induction of callus in Catharanthus roseus L. PDF
  9. Auricularia species in Manipur and its artificial cultivation PDF
  10. Enthnobotanical studies on medicinal plant : Allium cepa L.(Onion) PDF
  11. Blue –greenalgae utilization in rice field PDF
  12. In vitro efficacy of Vitex negundo leaf extract on the growth of Alternaria solani PDF
  13. Algal biofouling on ceramic surface PDF
  14. Studies on Begonia crenata Dryand. (Begoniaceae)- A wild medicinal herb of Melghat, Maharashtra PDF
  15. Effect of air pollutants on pigment content and pollen fertility of some plants around Mathura refinery PDF
  16. Yield losses amongst four varieties of mustard due to powdery mildew in Maharashtra PDF
  17. Studies on pathogenicity of rhizome rot of ginger (Gingiber officinalis L.) PDF
  18. Effect of Parthenium hysterophorus Linn. on seedling vigour and yield of some legumes/pulses PDF