Published Papers in 2001

Vol 1

  1. Cypselar features and their taxonomic significance in three genera of the tribe Mutisieae (Asteraceae) with the aid of LM and SEM PDF
  2. Stem-node-leaf continuum in Cassia glauca Lam. PDF
  3. Response of leaf explants of Datura metel L. to different types of auxins and cytokinins in LS and MS medium PDF
  4. Effect of commercial triacontanol spray on nitrogen metabolism and other cell metabolites in black gram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) cultivar T-9 PDF
  5. Use of Centella asiatica extract as detoxicating agent against combined toxicity of gamma radiation and cadmium chloride PDF
  6. Callus development and morphogenesis of Vigna unguiculata under NaCl stress PDF
  7. Rhizosphere microbial population in some tree mangroves of Bhitarkanika, Orissa PDF
  8. Fungi causing seed and seedling diseases in pigeon pea PDF
  9. The algal flora seed and seasonal variations of species abundane in Kilicozu stream (Kirsehir) Turkey PDF
  10. Effect of EMS, DMS and hypoxanthine on native Rhizobium of Cymopsis tetragonoloba L. PDF
  11. Pharmacognostic study of rrot tubers of Cyanotis tuberose Roxb.- A substitute to “Safed Musali” PDF
  12. Use of indigenous materials for removal of dark grey (Shamla) colour of jute fibre (Corchyorus capsularis Var. CVL – 1) PDF
  13. Molecular similarity among the Gossypium restorer lines using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA PDF
  14. Effect of some pesticides and growth regulators on pollen germinations and tube growth in Vinca rosea PDF
  15. Palynological studies of some medicinal plants PDF
  16. Effect of fertilizer on leaf pigments, chemical analysis and chlorophyll stability index in Shankhpushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides) PDF
  17. Physical and nutritional factors in relation to growth of Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer PDF
  18. Biometric parameters of cluster beans as influenced by sagowaste and pressmud PDF
  19. Defluoridation of water by microflora PDF
  20. A preliminary survey of cyanogenic seeds of some angiospermic plants of Nanded district of Maharshtra PDF
  21. Castor variety evaluation based on seed production and oil percentage in semi-arid farming environment PDF

Vol 2

  1. Evaluation of wild rice mutants with cultivars by seed proteins and their amino acid profiles PDF
  2. Stem-node-leaf continuum in Abrus precatorius Linn. PDF
  3. Contribution of blue-green algae on fertility of rice soil fertilized with NPKSZn PDF
  4. Selection of superior germplasm lines for soybean based on morphological characters for hybridization PDF
  5. Aluminium toxicity produces bio-chemical lesions in Hydrilla verticillata PDF
  6. In vitro study of antibacterial potential of antibiotic and psidium guajava pulp against Klebsiella pneumonia PDF
  7. Gametogenesis and fertilization in strychnos samba Duvign. PDF
  8. Evaluation of nutritive value of promising genotypes of pigeonpea and horsegram in Konkan PDF
  9. Influence of phytotoxicity of water pollutants on wild plants PDF
  10. Shoot apical organisation in Hamelia patens Jacq. PDF
  11. Phytosterols : New dimesnsion in the hormonal steroidal drugs PDF
  12. Centella asiatica – A medicinal plant – A review PDF
  13. Activities of Pestalotiopsis versicolor , a rare rice collar rot fungus at different environmental conditions PDF
  14. Study on arbuscular mycorrhizal associations in ornamental plants – A survey PDF
  15. Effect of dairy effluent on biochemical composition of cells of some cyanobacteria PDF
  16. Localisation of metabolites and enzymes in insect induced rachis gall and norma tissues off Prosopis cineraria (Linn.) Druce PDF
  17. Effect of fungicides and weedicides on the se4verity of rice collar rot in rice field PDF
  18. Pollen morphological studies in certain members of family poaceae from Jaipur, Rajasthan PDF
  19. Influence of vitamins on growth of in vitro grown normal and nematode induced root gall tissues of Solanum melongena PDF
  20. Studies on root morphology of Chlorophytum Ker-Gawl. PDF
  21. Studies on the rhizosphere algae of Lycopersicon esculantum Mill. (Tomato) PDF
  22. Synergistic effect of herbicides on thiophanate methyl resistance in Penicillium digitatum Causing green mold of sweet orange PDF
  23. Effect of application of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and foliar hormone on growth of some forest trees PDF
  24. Effect of plant extracts spray on fruitfly transmission of cucumber mosaic virus PDF
  25. Fungi on stored cereals PDF
  26. Herbicide resistance in soybean cell suspension cultures PDF
  27. A novel indigenous tubular reactor for the outdoor cultivation of Spirulina fusiformis PDF
  28. Optimum photoperiod for the growth of Spirulina platensis PDF
  29. Disease of major medicinal plants PDF