Published Papers in 2000

Vol 2

  1. Cambial dynamics vis- a- vis larval emplacement in shoot – axis galls PDF
  2. Kinetics of cadmium uptake in stigeoclonium tenue Kutz. PDF
  3. Marine fungi from Maharashtra (India) –V. A check list PDF
  4. Attempts on searching amino acid requiring auxotrophs among chlorophyll mutants of pearl millet and quantifying their free amino acids PDF
  5. In vitro clonal propagation and tuber formation of Rauvolfia serpentine L. Benth. Ex. Kurz PDF
  6. Epidermal morphology and stomatogenesis in some members of Combretaceae PDF
  7. Corrections and additions to the Polypodiaceous ferns of India PDF
  8. Impact of boron on release of mineral – N from water hyacinth in coastal and alluvial soils PDF
  9. Micropropagation and in vitro flowering from ten-day-old zygotic embryos of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) PDF
  10. Radiation induced chlorophyll mutations in chilipepper ( Capsicum annuum L.) PDF
  11. Medico-botanical and phytochemical studies on medicinal plants of Dhule and Nandurbar districts of Maharashtra state PDF
  12. Physico-chemical analysis of a polluted fresh water pond of Poliachi, Tamil Nadu PDF
  13. Amino acids and sugars from floral nectars of some local plants PDF
  14. Study on the influence of growth regulators on growth and flowering of Chrysanthemum PDF
  15. Studies on the nodal anatomy of the seedlings of some Tiliaceae PDF
  16. Seed-borne mycoflora of wheat collected from Rajasthan with special reference to Alternaria Species PDF
  17. Stomatal ontogeny in some Lythraceae PDF
  18. Effect of domestic wastes on the germination of maize and cowpea seeds PDF
  19. Effect of extracts of some medicinal plants on the growth of Alternaria triticina PDF
  20. Water pollution in relation to the stomatal anomalies in the leaves of the wild flora of Meerut PDF
  21. In vitro effect of some vegetable oils and pure ghee on spore germination of some dermatophytes PDF
  22. Ethnomedicinal plants specially used in “Jaundice” by tribals of Chotanagpur, Bihar, India PDF
  23. Monitoring of herbicide (Atrataf 50W) Toxicity by using pollen as indicator-A Critical review-I PDF
  24. Rare and threatened pants of Jhalawar district (Rajasthan) – A preliminary survey PDF
  25. Changes in phytosterol content in the leaves of Rumex maritimus (L) infected with ustilago parletorei F.A. Wald. PDF
  26. Nutrient composition of pulses grown in Konkan region PDF